Thursday, May 10, 2012

Military Spouse Appreciation Day Blog Hop

milspouse blog hop
Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day and welcome to my blog!
I am Monica, and I have been married to my husband, Mark, for 6 years.  We have two kiddos:  Abbie, who is 3 years old, and Ben, who is 5 months old.  We also have two weinas (Dachshunds), Oliver and Sadie.   I have a bachelor’s degree in Business Management but I am a stay at home mom for now. Mark is a fighter pilot for the Air Force; he flies F-16’s.  We have moved five times in 6 years and we are currently stationed in Italy.
We love to travel, and living in Italy provides us the opportunity to travel more than most.  We are very thankful for the chance to live overseas, even though it isn’t always the easiest.  I love to take pictures and I post my favorites on the blog.  I’m teaching myself to quilt.  I love to read and cook and watch mindless TV.  I’m probably one of the few people that regularly writes letters to my friends and family.
I use this blog as a journal of sorts, so I basically blog about anything going on in our life.  (At the end of every year, I have it printed out into a book.)  I keep track of the kids developments (honestly, it’s the only way I’d remember half the stuff they do and when they do it), all of our travels, my hobbies, living overseas, the military lifestyle – anything that interests me.  It is a way for me to keep everyone near and far up-to-date on what we’re up to and to meet other people in the blogging community.  I occasionally do giveaways when I find neat things during our travels to give away.
Thanks for stopping by my blog!  I hope you’ll come back regularly!


Unknown said...

Abby's face in your picture is so funny!

And I'm glad I stumbled on your blog! I love reading all of your family's adventures!

Stacia said...

Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day! So nice to meet you!

erika said...

Stopping by from the blog hop. :)

Happy Milspouse Appreciation Day!!

Unknown said...

Hi Monica!

I'm visiting from the MilSpouse Blog Hop! Happy Military Spouse Appreciation Day to you!

My little ones are also three years apart.. I think that's a pretty good gap!
I am super jealous that you are stationed in Italy! It is my dream destination!

It is nice to meet you!

Athena said...

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day :)

Marcella{The Life After "Trust Me"} said...

Happy (late) Military Spouse Day to you!
My husband and I have always wanted to visit Italy.
Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

Nina said...

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day from The Last Frontier! I am slowly going through all the linked blogs from the Blog Hop .....

Jen said...

Happy MilSpouse Appreciation Day too! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mack said...

Hi! I am a little late from the BlogHop but I wanted to say that you have a beautiful family! It was nice to meet you! Happy belated military spouse appreciation day and Mother's Day!!!! Amanda