Monday, January 2, 2012

December 2011 Abbie-isms

**Abbie was ordering Mark around and he wasn’t doing what she was telling him to do.  Finally she said, “Daddy, you’re driving me nuts!”  HAHA!  I suppose she’s heard that a time or two…
**We were in the BX yesterday and we walked by the bra/underwear section.  Abbie starts pointing at the bras and said, “Mommy, those are boob pads.”  I kept walking and muttered, ‘Uh-huh.  Come on Abbie.” hoping she would just keep following me.  Nope.  She didn’t.  She turned around and ran back to them and then yelled, since I was 20 ft away from her, “Mommy!!  Boobs go in these!  They’re boob pads!!”  *sighs*  I went back to get her and told her they were called bras, not boob pads, so as we were walking away she said, “Oh, they’re called bras.”  I would love to see how Mark would react if she did this stuff when he was around.  He’d ironically disappeared when all this was happening.

**Mark was reading Abbie a book in the car and she said, “Daddy, this seal is driving me nuts!!”.  (She has a little plastic bath toy seal that she likes to carry around with her.)  Mark asked her why and she said, “Because he’s not looking at you!”.
**Abbie loves orange juice.  She would drink it 24/7 if given the chance.  I like to water it down when I can, but she’s caught on to that.  Mark was putting some juice in her sippy cup for her.  She brought it to him and he was dumping out the water and tried to just dump out part of the water before adding the juice.  However, Abbie was standing there supervising and when Mark didn’t dump it all out she said, “No Daddy.  Dump it all out.”  And when he did she made him let her see that there was no water left in the cup.  Unfortunately it’s hard to get anything past her these days.

**Abbie calls me her sweetie sometimes, since that’s what I call her.  Usually she’ll say, “I love you mommy.  You’re my sweetie.”  =)
** We were in the car and the song “Jar of Hearts” came on.  When we were in the States, I had this as the ringtone on my phone.  Abbie listened to the song for a bit and then she asked me if it was on the radio or if it was my phone.  I just cannot get over how she’s able to relate things at time.  That hasn’t been my ringtone for over 2 months and yet she still knew that that song was on my phone.

**Abbie calls taking pictures “taking smiles”.  She always asks if I want to take a “smile” of her or she says that she’s taking smiles of her babies.  And Abbie has called Ben “Benj” pretty much from the beginning.  She refers to him as baby Benj.
**I was nursing Ben in the living room chair (which is next to the Christmas tree) while Abbie and Mark were eating dinner.  Abbie looked over at me and said “Mom, when you’re done feeding Benj on your boob and keeping the Christmas tree company, are you going to come eat with us?”  LOL!

**Today when we were in the car to go see Mark, Abbie said to me, “Mommy, you really love Daddy, don’t you?”  I told her I did and she said, “Well it’s okay if you give him kisses then.”  Thanks to my 2 year old for giving me permission.  =)



Jessica Lynn said...

Haha these are so adorable! She's going to get a kick out of reading them when she's older!

Lynnr said...

She is getting more and more comical as she grows up! I think you might have a comedian on your hands!

Rachel said...

Oh Abbie!! Those are the best, thanks for posting :) I miss that little girl!!

Uncork and Unwined said...

These are super cute!

Amanda said...

Ah the second to last one really made me laugh out loud.. so stinking cute!