Monday, November 28, 2011

Adding to the clan

So our baby boy should be here within a few weeks.  Possibly in less than 2 weeks if they decide to induce me.  I am so excited to meet him, and I’m to the point where I get all teary-eyed when I see other newborns.  But to be honest, I am a little nervous.
Over the summer I somehow got caught up in listening to this psychologist, who’d done a ton of research on sibling relationships, talk on this radio interview.  He said that it is human nature for parents to have a favorite child – that it’s natural to be more bonded with one child over another.  And that scares me.  I obviously want to love my children equally, and I’m wondering how our relationship with Abbie will change once the little guy gets here, or even more so, how he’ll ever fill the huge footprints she’s left.
Abbie is just a special little girl.  I truly believe all kids are special in their own ways, but obviously I am biased towards my own.    We often have people who interact with Abbie tell us how special she is and we have strangers comment on her beauty frequently.  She has a huge personality, but is very sweet-natured and generally is a joy to be around.  I know that won’t change once this little guy shows up, but I am worried that we’ll always be comparing him to Abbie, even though we know Abbie is pretty advanced in a few areas.
I guess I’m just anxious and excited and nervous to add a member to the family.  I love the way our family dynamic is now and I know it will change.  I’m sure it will change for the better and I have no doubt I’ll love this baby boy as much as I love Abbie, but I know things will be different also.  I’m eager to find out the difference of raising a little boy verses raising a little girl and I’m thankful that I will have the opportunity to experience both.


Unknown said...

I know you will find out once baby boy arrives that your love just INCREASES, and that he won't have to fill a print that Abby left but will have one all his own. My Dad has remarked to me several times (I'm 2nd born) that they couldn't imagine what life would be with another child since they loved my brother so much but AS SOON as I was born and they brought me home, they had already forgotten what life was like before me and remarked how everything was just 'better' with another child around. I'm sure you'll feel the same...just enjoy all the special one-on-one time with Abby now because that will be the only thing that surely won't be the same as when Abby was born :)

Unknown said...

oops...change all my Abbys to Abbies :) My friend has a daughter and they named her Abby with a 'y'...I mix the two up, sorry.