Sunday, November 20, 2011

Abbie’s big girl bed

Last weekend we moved Abbie into a big girl bed so we could put her crib in the baby’s room.  I wanted there to be a little time between when she transitioned to her big girl bed and when he showed up, so it didn’t seem as though he was stealing her bed.  However, since we live overseas and only the shoppette here sells beds and mattresses (American sized), we were only able to get the box spring and mattress.  They didn’t have any full sized bed frames or headboards in stock, so we’ll have to order them and then wait 2-3 months for them to arrive.  But in the meantime, this works out well for her.
She seems pretty excited about her big girl bed and she loves having all her stuffed animals sleep with her.  She won’t get out of bed unless I’m in there with her, which is a HUGE relief for me.  She’ll call for me and ask me if she can get up, but she won’t get up unless I’m in there.  I’m hoping this lasts for quite a while because it makes my life a lot easier, for sure.  I still have a monitor on her so I can keep an eye on her when I’m in my room.
We took away her bottle and moved her to a big girl bed all in the same week, but she’s handled it well.  Now we just need to put her new dresser together and get her old dresser/changing table into the baby’s room, but I’m not in any rush to do that, especially since I still use the changing table with her.  And I still need to order her a bed spread and more sheets, but I’ll get around to that eventually…. I think.


Jamie said...

So cute. She looks content in her new big girl bed. That is great that she isn't sneaking out to come find you. That is my biggest fear about moving my daughter to a big bed. We have another 6 months or so...

Unknown said...

She looks so tiny and sweet in that big bed. And I love the close-up shot at the end of her all tucked in with her Daddy doll. :)