Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Abbie-isms October 2011

**We were walking around my hometown with my in-laws and Abbie apparently got tired.  She looked up at her Uncle Alex and said “How about you carry me now?”.  Too bad I can’t say that to people!  Lord knows I’ve thought it!
**Last time she saw Uncle Alex, a month ago, he had gotten a boo boo on his hand.  As soon as he walked in the door, Abbie asked him how his boo boo on his hand was.  I have no clue how she remembers that kind of stuff.
**We were riding in the car and the sun was shining in Abbie’s window.  She said, “Mommy, the sun is shining in my eyes.  I’m just going to turn my head the other way.”
**On our second trip to base, Abbie was telling my mom about the park I took her to a few times before we left Italy.  We were a few blocks away from it and she told my mom that it was coming up and to keep watching.  I asked her if it was on the right or the left (while pointing to the right and left) and she said it was going to be on the left (which is was).  When we got to it she yelled “There it is!!”.  I can’t believe she remembered that park.
**On that same car ride, Abbie told me that there was another park coming up.  I honestly had no clue what she was talking about.  I told her the next park would be on base and she said, “No mommy, it’s before that.”  We passed a restaurant that had a swing set and slide in front of it on our way to base and Abbie pointed it out also.  I couldn’t believe that she remembered where that one was also.  She obviously has her eyes open for the parks.
**Abbie still gets SUPER excited when she hears jets flying around.  Pretty much anywhere we are, as soon as she hears a jet taking off, she’ll start screaming, “Jet! Jet!  Quick, quick!!  Let’s go see them!”  And then when she’s done watching them or listening to them, she says very matter-of-factly, “My daddy flies those.”  The other day we were in the library when she started her jet routine.  My mom and I quickly shushed her, and that made her cry because she didn’t want to not announce the jet.  We taught her how to whisper her excitement.
**Abbie, Mark and I were driving on the autostrada (highway) in Italy and Abbie spotted an F-16 flying out her window.  She did her normal, “Look!  Look!  Jet!  F-16!”  And then she said the usual, “My daddy flies those!!”, which was followed by her getting a very confused look on her face.  She sat there for a few seconds and then said, “But my daddy is right there?”  We had to explain to her that “other daddy’s” also fly the jets and that not every jet she was had her daddy flying it.  I think she understood.
**Abbie calls “Piglet” (Pooh’s friend), “Pliget” sometimes.  And she refers to a rubber ducky as a “ducky rubber”.  Occasionally she asks the question, “What is that called thing?”
**Abbie has heard me say to Mark, “You’re flippin’ hot.” a few times.  So now Abbie frequently looks at Mark and says, “Daddy, you’re flippin’ hot!”.  Or she’ll look at me and say, “Mommy, daddy’s flippin’ hot!” 
**”Damember” is a very common word for Abbie.  She frequently asks “Damember when ____?”.  (Translation: Do you remember.)  It’s pretty funny that she says it as much as she does.

*Sorry, no Abbie pictures in this post this month.  Been too busy and I don’t have time to get them all off the other computer.  I’ll put more pictures of her up later.*


Jane said...

Hahaha! These are so cute! Flippin hot stuff has me in stitches!

Christine said...

Ahh! She's so precious! I hope you keep posting these each month even though Mark is home! The rest of us love reading them too!

Unknown said...

read this post out loud to Tyler and we both were laughing pretty hard about the 'flippin hot' part. Too funny! Can't wait for Cal to start talking -- kids say the funniest things. You're going to be so happy someday you wrote these down!