Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I have a love/hate relationship with my parents cat.  Zeke is a rather large cat (around 20lbs) that acts like a kitten, more often than not.  He’s a big cat, with a big personality.
Zeke likes to pretend like he’s completely uninterested in anything you do, but the minute you turn your back on him, he’ll literally pounce on you.  Well not “you”, but me.  He loves to swat at my legs and try to bite me as I walk away from him, which is fine when I have pants on, but not so fine when I’m wearing shorts.  My room is upstairs in my parents house, and any time I go upstairs, no matter where Zeke is in the house, he’ll come racing up the stairs to try to beat me to the top, and he usually does.
Zeke often sits in the middle of my bedroom floor while I’m cleaning or organizing and he takes swipes at my legs and makes little chirping noises every time I walk by him.  He loves to jump out from behind things to attach me as I walk by.  Any time I am upstairs during the day, Zeke is upstairs too.  And when I go back downstairs, he comes too.  I think he’s going to miss me when I go home.  I might miss him a little bit too.

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