Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am very much a planner by nature.  Love having a schedule, and writing things down and making lists.  I have everything on my phone, but I also like to have a “hard copy” to flip through to write every minute detail in.
I saw this life planner on another military spouse’s blog and checked out the website she provided, and I fell in love.  So I emailed Mark the link and told him that was what I wanted for my birthday, and that’s what he got me.
I love this planner because it has LOTS of space.  It has monthly views and weekly views with morning, day and night spaces.  Plus it has weekly goals lists and to do lists, which is really right up my alley.
It has an area in the front to list all your special occasions and then stickers in the back to put on individual days, and also lots of area for notes and numbers.
You can also have them put photographs on it, which I will probably do next year, but I didn’t want to put a family picture on it for a 2012 planner and then have a baby in December and have him not be on it.  I wish Mark would have put a picture of us on the front of it, but oh well.   My 2013 planner will have a picture on it.  =)
They also have really cute Christmas cards, but there is no way in heck I’m spending $2.25 PER CARD.  Maybe someday when I’m made of money I’ll do that, but for now that’s out of my price range.
I’ve had lots of fun filling up my planner so far.  Hopefully it’ll hold up through 16 months of being drug all over the place and used a lot!  I’ll let you know!


Shelly said...

I love it!!! I too would like to have a picture on my next one. And now that I know how great the planner is I'll plan the photo well in advance. I didn't have any good ones for this year.

Elsbit said...

Ooooh. I like! My planner, oddly enough ran out in August. I LOVE having one. I prefer hard copy even though I have a smart phone. I like the WRITING of making lists. I am a total list queen.