Thursday, August 25, 2011

A pregnancy survey

I love doing questionnaire’s so I thought this would be fun!

[About Mommy and Pregnancy]Mommy's  Name: Monica
Age When Pregnant: 28 for Abbie, 30 for this one
Current Age: 30
How Far along were you when you found out?: I think I tested at around 5 weeks.
Still with the father?: Of course
What was your first reaction when you found out you were pregnant?: Excited, shocked, nervous, excited.
How did the Father react?: Mark was very excited too, and kind of in awe
How did your parents take the news?: They were all very happy.
How did you feel about your first ultra sound?: I was very nervous that it was going to reveal something wrong. 
When I heard the heart beat for the first time?: With Abbie, it was around 6 weeks.
What month did you find out the sex of the baby?: December!
Where you happy about the sex of the baby?: Yes, very.  I had wanted a boy first, but I was so excited to find out we were having a girl.
What were your cravings?: I don’t really remember having any specific cravings with her.
Did you exercise when you were pregnant?: No, not really.  I should have, but I didn’t.
How much weight did you gain?:  Around 30lbs.
Did you get morning sickness?: No, not really.  I got queasy at times, but nothing major.  I did get migraines though.  Those weren’t fun.
Did you enjoy wearing maternity clothes?:  Not exactly.  There wasn’t much of a selection to choose from in Enid, OK, so it wasn’t all that fun.
What books did you read when you were pregnant?:  What to Expect, Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy and a few others.
Did you attend any pregnancy classes like LaMaze? We went to 3-4 classes at the hospital.
Overall...Describe your pregnancy?: Besides the migraines, it was pretty easy and I loved being pregnant with Abbie.

[[About the Delivery]]How did you know you were in labor?: I went to the hospital and my OB broke my water trying to get labor started, and it pretty much worked.
Did your water break?: Not by itself.
What were you contractions like?: I honestly don’t really remember.  I remember some of them being pretty intense and being uncomfortable, but that’s about it.
How long were you in labor?: She broke my water around 8:30am and I had Abbie at 2:14am the next day, so 18 hours?
Epidural?:  Yep.  After laboring for 10+ hours and only dilating one more centimeter, I’d had enough.  They had to induce me with pitocin so I didn’t want to go through that without an epidural.
Who was in the delivery room with you?: Mark, the doula, nurses and my OB
Was it an easy delivery?:  I think I pushed for about 2 hours, but I don’t really remember it being that bad, and I remember thinking that I felt like I had the energy to keep going.  She was in there pretty good though so they had to use the vacuum, so it was kinda tough getting her out.
Did you cry during labor?:  Yes, after they’d told me I’d only dilated 1 more cm in 10+ hours of labor. 

[[About the Baby]]Baby's Full Name:
Birth Date: May 20, 2009
Time Born: 2:14am
Gender: Girl
Length: 22 inches long.
Weight: 9 pounds and 9.2 ounces
What was the first thing you said to your baby?: Honestly, I don’t remember at all.  I think I just cried.
Who visited you and the baby at the hospital? Absolutely no one besides our OB and the dr who did my epidural.
Did you breast feed?: Yep, for 13 months!
What was the first night being a parent like? Exciting, tiring.
Did you get sleep? I didn’t get much sleep for the first 4 months of her life…
When did you go home?: On the 24th.  I got released on the 23rd but Abbie had jaundice so they had to keep her under the bili-lights for another day until her biliruben count went down.  But Mark and I stayed in the hospital that night too and I got up every 2 hrs to go nurse her.

[[Present Time]]How old is your baby now?: 2 years and 3 months old
Still with the Father?: Of course
Who does your baby look like know?: I think parts of her look like me, but mostly she looks like Mark.  Everyone says they can see a mixture of us in her.
Your baby's current milestone achievement?: She can count to 14, she’s learning her left from her right, and her letters, etc. 
What’s your baby's favorite thing to do? Pretend, be outside, look at animals, go for walks, etc.
What’s your baby's favorite toy? She loves some of her stuffed animals, loves her kitchen stuff, her baby dolls and her coloring books.
What is it like being a parent?: The most exhausting, yet rewarding thing in the entire world.  I would change it for anything.
Ready for another one?: We’ll soon find out!!

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