Sunday, August 21, 2011

Driving through CO

Colorado is such a scenic state.  All of these pictures were taken out of the car window as we were driving from Denver to Steamboat Springs.  I would definitely love to come back here with Mark (and our kids) to go camping in the mountains.
This is something you don’t see every day.
I want this dog.  We were stopped on the road due to construction and this dog got out of the truck and rolled around on the side of the road for a while.  It was beautiful.  My next dog will be another Golden.
I love this state!


Fledgling Techie said...

I love Colorado, too! :D (I grew up in Colorado Springs...lived there for over 20 years and could see Pikes Peak out of the back windows in the house I grew up in.) I can't wait for my visit there next month!

Kristi said...

Beautiful! I would love to see Colorado and we're not too far right now. Maybe I'll head North someday soon.

Jess said...

My goodness is it beautiful! I have always wanted to visit Colorado but with seeing these pictures I'm thinking of a more permanent visit LOL! Its really lovely and great pics!