Saturday, August 6, 2011

A day at the fair

(Getting ready to leave to go to the fair!)IMG_6221
Last week we took Abbie to the fair – her first fair experience.  It wasn’t really the “full” fair experience since we didn’t go on any rides, but close enough.  We’ll wait until her daddy is with us to take her on ride.
(Pointing at the tractor that took us to the gate.)IMG_6225IMG_6228
I wanted to get Abbie around the animals since she loves animals.  I don’t think she’d ever seen a cow up close before today and she was hesitant since they were so big but she really liked looking at them.
(Checking out the cows from a distance.)IMG_6233
(She actually touched his nose and pet him a few times.)IMG_6237
(Isn’t this the cutest calf ever??  I want one.)IMG_6244
Next were the bunnies.  She loved the bunnies.
This sheep was just as interested in her as she was in it.  She turned her back on it for a second and it stuck it’s nose through the railing and touched her arm and she about jumped a foot.  It was pretty funny and she kept a close eye on it after that.
We took a stroll through the cow barn and she was able to pet a few of the bigger cows and one little brown calf named Raspberry.
After that we watched part of a tiger show.  Abbie was pretty interested at first, but it was HOT and very humid so it was pretty much miserable sitting there in the sun.  I snapped a few pictures before we headed to the shade.
We wandered through the carnival area and thought about taking her on a ride, but each ride was 2-4 tickets and each ticket cost $1.25 and she couldn’t ride them herself so we would have had to buy her tickets and tickets for an adult too, which would equal at least $5 for one ride.  WAY too expensive so we’ll wait until she’s older and then take her to a bigger amusement park when Mark is around.
Despite being super hot, we still had fun.  I’m just ready for Mark to be home to enjoy these experiences with us.
(Yes, my 2 year+2 month old is over 3 feet tall…)

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