Thursday, August 4, 2011

Baby boy clothes


Since we found out we’re having a boy, I may or may not have gone a little haywire in buying baby boy clothes…  But I am having a TON of fun.  I haven’t bought anything for baby #2 prior to this weeks shopping sprees (except for the onesie I bought him in Vegas) since I was waiting for the anatomy scan before I went crazy with my shopping.  And now I have 2 months and 1 week left in the States to “catch up”. 


I really am not a huge shopper.  I need to be in the mood to shop and I like shopping much better if I have a specific thing in mind that I’m looking for.  And I tend to be somewhat of a “speed shopper”.  I like to get in the store, take a quick walk through, and then get out.  I don’t like to wander around aimlessly, and right now, it hurts too much to walk to not have a purpose in what I’m doing anyway. 


But shopping for baby clothes is completely different.  Besides the fact that I’m getting bigger and I can feel the little guy more now, buying clothes for him and imagining what he’ll look like in them is what’s making this pregnancy seem like it’s moving forward.  In 4-ish months we’ll have a new addition to our family and we’ll get to dress him in these cute clothes.


I have to tell you though, shopping for a baby boy isn’t NEAR as much fun as shopping for a baby girl, because, in my opinion, baby boy clothes just aren’t nearly as cute as baby girl clothes are.  I still find myself gravitating towards the baby girl clothes, even though I’m looking for boy things.  I hate the color brown.  I think it’s just ugly.  Especially the poop colored brown.  I could like deep, rich brown colors, but the majority of boy clothes are the ugly brown color.  Or orange, which I also dislike.  Or even worse, they’re brown and orange combined.  Gross!  I have been SHOCKED at how many baby boy clothes have skulls and bones and aliens and monsters on them.  Who wants to put their tiny little baby boy in those sorts of things?  I find that pretty much weird and I’m shocked that it’s not just a few things here and there that have those characters on them.


So far I’ve been to Target, Kohl’s, Old Navy and Younkers.  (For those not from the mid-west, Younkers is kind of like a JC Penney’s except a little more expensive.)  All these pictures are of my purchases from Target, Kohl’s and Old Navy.  I went to Younkers yesterday and hit the jackpot, but I haven’t taken bunches of pictures of those clothes yet.  They were having a yellow dot sale so I got lots of clothes at 75% off and all of the clothes I bought were at least 30% off because they were all on sale some and then I had a 20% coupon that could be applied to some of the sale items.


I still have a ways to go with my shopping, but I’m getting there, slowly but surely.  It’s MUCH more fun to shop in person than it is online, especially since baby clothes seem to vary so much in their sizes.  I’m going to try to get most of his wardrobe through at least 18 or 24 months since we don’t plan on coming back to the States again before we move, which should be in Spring of 2013.  Since he’s already measuring long, I’m trying to keep that in mind when deciding what sizes to get him for different seasons, and it’s definitely not been easy.  It hasn’t been easy, but it has been fun and I’m excited to check out stores during our upcoming trips to Colorado, Kansas City and Branson.  I have a little notebook dedicated to inventorying his clothes and I’ve written down everything I have for him so far and I’m making lists of what I need for him so I don’t end up buying him the same things in the same sizes.


Where do you buy most of the clothes for your kids?  I got at least 60% of Abbie’s first year wardrobe from Ross (like TJ Maxx or Marshall’s) but they don’t have Ross around here and I miss it!  What brands do you like best for baby clothes?  And what would I need for a boy that I didn’t need for a girl??  (Like those pee pee tee pee things.)  I’m open to any and all suggestions!!

(Mark’s call sign is “Moose” so I thought this shirt was especially cute!)



Unknown said...

I love the clothes you've bought for the little guy -- he's gonna be so cute!! I have to agree about the aliens & skulls on boys clothes -- why? But, not having any experience having a girl yet, I do actually think boy clothes are super cute and I love dressing Cal up like a little man, or finding mini clothes of things Tyler wears. I love the moose shirt too! Oh, and I have found out that I really don't like buying any t-shirts (just onesies) under 12 mos since they always ride up and show their tummy so I'd recommend just onesies in small sizes with my preference for summer clothes being like a onesie with shorts attached to make diaper changes, etc easier now that he's so mobile. And the tee pees saved my face more than a few times when he was small, otherwise boys are just like girls I think! :)

Anonymous said...

When my son was born, the preppy look was in (lots of plaid, JCrew, Gap, etc.) so I was happy dressing him in that style. I agree with the Smiths; I used a lot of onesies the first year and bought pants separately. You can't go wrong with Target, especially with price and the amount of time kids will actually fit in their clothes. I shop for myself at Ann Taylor LOFT and Nordstrom so my friends jokingly say my kids will be little fashion icons too but I say no way. They can still be cute at a much cheaper price :)

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