Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Abbie at 2 years and 1 month

I swear I fall more in love with this little girl every single day.  Lately she has been so much FUN.  She just soaks up everything around her and she’s getting to the point where she asks questions and says some pretty entertaining stuff.  There’s never a dull moment with her around, that’s for sure.
I should probably think about potty training her pretty soon.  I know she’s smart enough to know what I would be trying to teach her, the bigger question is if she’d be willing to cooperate.  She likes to put her dolls on the potty and make the “psssss” sound for them peeing (HAHA!!) and then says “all done!” and gets them off.  So she understands the concept.  I might try to tackle that battle in the next month or two.
Many of her clothes are 3T’s already.  She’s just so tall that 2T’s are usually too short for her, so I’ve just been buying mostly 3T’s and if she can wear them next year too, then great.  She usually wears size 5 diapers, except at night, I put her in size 6’s.  She needs size 7 shoes already.
She doesn’t go to sleep with a bottle (of water) anymore.  It was MUCH easier to wean her off that than I expected.  She’s still drinking bottles of milk during the day, and they are 100% her comfort item.  If she gets hurt or upset, she immediately wants a bottle.  Granted, she doesn’t always get them, but that’s what she asks for.  She uses normal cups at meals and she drinks just fine out of them without spilling, and she’s pretty good at using spoons and forks.  She eats her cereal in the morning with a spoon just fine, and she’ll even hold her other hand under the spoon to catch any spills (like I do occasionally when I help her eat).
Abbie is a very loving little girl.  She LOVES giving hugs and kisses and I can’t walk out the door without at least 3-4 different sets of hugs and kisses.  (The picture below is her “kissy lips” face.)  She likes to snuggle at times and she loves reading books.  She doesn’t watch TV at all really.  Even if I have it on, she doesn’t watch it much.  She LOVES to sing and dance and she can sing “The Itsy Bitsy Spider” song pretty much by herself now, along with do all the hand motions.  Sometimes she’ll try to sing along with the radio when we’re in the car, especially if I am.  She’s not a big fan of bugs, but LOVES to be outside, especially if water is involved.  She’s counted to 13 by herself before, but she pretty consistently skips #4 still.  We’re still working on her colors and she’s starting to recognize a few letters.
I can’t wait for Mark to get home so we can start enjoying our little girl together again.  She’s growing up way too quickly!


I'll Love You Forever said...

She is sooo cute!!

Em said...

Monica, last summer when Sierra was 2, we just put in skirts most of the time and didn't have any underwear or diaper underneath. We made sure she could get to her potty whenever she needed it and she basically "potty trained" herself. If she had a diaper on, she would go in the diaper, wouldn't even tell us she had to go. No diaper, she would just go potty, or say she had to go.

It might work for you as well. Summer is the perfect time because of the relatively fewer clothing items required. I say don't wait until fall.