Saturday, June 25, 2011

3rd quilt along

I have recently started my 2nd quilt along.  I love doing quilt along’s.  For beginner’s like me, they are perfect because they’re usually pretty easy, there are lots of pictures and if you do have questions, there are many people to ask.  I love them!
This one is the Synchronized Squares quilt along by PSIquilt.  I’ve had this layer cake from Me and My Sister Designs for quite a while and I decided to use it for this quilt, along with a Bella Solids layer cake.
As I’ve said before, I LOVE fabric from Me and My Sister Designs because it’s so colorful and fun, and it makes me happy to look at it and work with it.  This line of fabric is appropriately named “Happy”.
I had lots of fun perusing JoAnn’s for the backing fabric.  I had the top swatch of fabric from the picture above with me so I could make sure it matched, and I decided to go with a lime green fabric with a subtle white florally design throughout it.  I think it’ll go nicely with the rest of the fabric.
Here’s all of the fabric together.  I am attempting my first scrappy binding with this quilt, and I’m not 100% sure I have enough scraps from the layer cake to make it, but we’ll see.  If I don’t I’ll have to improvise something.
I’ve already started cutting my fabric for this quilt, but I haven’t done any sewing yet.  Hopefully I’ll actually get around to that before it’s time to go back to Italy!


Anonymous said...

more pictures! I love to see stuff like that because I can't do it!

Nina said...

Lovely fabrics! Good luck with quilting :)