Thursday, May 26, 2011

Abbie’s 2nd birthday party

Abbie had a blast at her 2nd birthday party.  We had about 15 people here, mostly my friends, some of which brought their kids, and family.  Abbie hasn’t been around kids much since we’ve been in the States and she LOVED having people around that were closer to her age to play with.
My friend, Michele, from college, brought her 4 month old with her from Madison.  Abbie was enamored with Otto, which gives me hope for the future.  She even wanted to hold him (with Rachel’s help)!
Abbie is very meticulous when she opens presents.  She doesn’t throw any paper on the floor and hands each individual little scrap to someone to hold on to for her.  She’s at the age where she’s excited to open presents now and it was fun to watch.
Next, it was time for cake!  Mark and I picked out a Tinkerbell cake for her since she likes Tinkerbell.  She loved when people sang Happy Birthday to her, and clapped at the end for everyone, and then she even blew out her candles all by herself.!
She thought about trying to use a fork for her cake for about .3 seconds.  Then she decided that was going to take way too long so she picked the whole thing up and went to town!  She was a big fan of the frosting (which was pretty good) and ate all of that first.
Lastly it was time for some sidewalk chalk fun on the driveway with her new friends.
(The little boy in this picture is 3 and the other girl is 5.  My little girl definitely takes after her daddy with her height!)
And one final group hug before her new friends left.
Thanks SO much to all my friends and family who came out and celebrated Abbie’s 2nd birthday with us!  We really appreciate it!  The only thing that would have made the day better is if Mark had been there.  Luckily he was able to “attend” via Skype for part of it.  Next year we’ll have a party when he is around!


To the Nth said...

I'm not sure I can handle the amount of concentrated cuteness. ;-) I love the rainbow outfit. Happy 2nd Birthday to Abbie!

Brittney said...

Cute! Next year I can come :D I remember when we first met you were making her the cupcakes for her first Birthday!

Kelly said...

She is too cute! My daughter is super tall too but you can definitely guess her age by her behavior!