Monday, April 25, 2011

Abbie and Luke

(These pictures were taken Jan 30, 2011.)
My friend, Jennifer, has a little guy, Luke, who’s 7 months younger than Abbie.  Abbie LOVES Luke and she is always talking about going to see “baby Luke” or Luke and Jennifer.  I had the privilege of watching Luke for Jennifer one night and I took these pictures of our two kiddos.  They have a great time playing together and seeing how Abbie is with Luke gives me hope that someday she’ll be a good big sister.
Abbie loves to help Luke drink his sippy cup, to the point where she’s always shoving the thing in his face and you have to rein her in a little.  She thought it was great when he’d actually drink.
Since we’ve been back in the States, Abbie’s still been talking about Luke, except now it’s “buddy, buddy Luke”.  Haha!  Before we left Italy she started calling him “buddy Luke” and somewhere between there and here it turned in to “buddy, buddy Luke”.  She really likes Luke, but look at him!!  What’s not to like?