Monday, March 7, 2011

Righting a wrong.

Last week I wrote about the other fighter pilot stereotype and I’ve realized since, that I painted the “wife of authority” I blogged about, in a bad light.

I wrote about an hour long conversation she and I had over a year ago now on that blog.  I only mentioned the few things from that conversation that stuck out in my mind, which basically took them out of context.  She gave me a TON of advice on what was to come and what I could expect in the “real” Air Force and how to make things better/easier for us as a family.  I made her seem like the bad guy in that blog, and she’s not at all.  She has a very sincere heart and would do just about anything for anyone, and I was a recipient of that first hand.  So to the “wife of authority”, if you read this, please accept my apologies.


Anonymous said...

Very noble for you to admit, an to write it out in hopes of making it right.

Anonymous said...

I am the 'wife of authority' responding -- I have graciously accepted your apology Monica. I do no want to go into detail and post (for your blog followers) what actually happened during that particular conversation or the meaning of intent in order to defend me or my husband's reputation. However, tempting it is, I do not want to purposely bring about any embarrassment to you and Mark because of any misconceptions written in your blog. It is truly my sincere hope that both of you find happiness and a true sense of self in this squadron and any future squadron you belong to during your AF career. I appreciate you making this right and hope that one day you realize how much of a friend I was to you and your family.