Monday, March 21, 2011

Chocolate covered strawberries

Abbie and I shared some chocolate covered strawberries tonight.  I’m not sure who liked them more, her or me.  She definitely made the bigger mess though.
Mark’s brother was here this past weekend and today Abbie started crying during dinner for apparently no reason at all.  I asked her what was wrong and she said “Uncle Ryan gone.”  ???  Really?  I thought it was cute but sad at the same time.  Abbie is ALL about her Uncle Ryan.  When Uncle Ryan is around, everyone else is pretty much chopped liver.
Abbie loves her new lizard shirt from Barcelona.  It’s a size 3/4, so it’s too big for her, but she was asking about it non-stop so I got it out of the closet for her to wear and she was happy as a little clam after that.
I’ve been having the urge to quilt again lately, so I might try to work on one of my projects a little this week.  I feel like I have SO much to do before I leave for the States, although, for about the 4th time, those plans are up in the air again.  I’m discovering it’s difficult to decide what to take and what to leave when going away from your house and all your belongings for 6 months.  I’ve been making lists for a month now of things I’d like to take, but I’m still on the fence about a few things.  Like my quilting stuff?  I would love to quilt while I’m home and my mom has a machine I can use.  So do I take my fabric that I have for projects, or just buy fabric there to work with?  I’ve been buying things to keep Abbie occupied for the almost 13 hours of travel time to the States and trying to decide which of her toys to take and which to leave.  The good thing is that whatever I forget I can just buy over there!  I’m so excited!!


Anonymous said...

I tell ya, I don't think I could love that little girl more if she was my own flesh and blood. I think she knows that Uncle Ryan is wrapped around her finger. By the way I had a great time thanks again.

Tell Abbie I said hi and give her a kiss for me. Uncle Ryan

Elsbit said...

Where will all of your stuff go when you are in the States? All of your gypsy talk still has me worried. LOL.

Definitely toys and snacks for the plane ride. I have used suckers in the past, a little messy but very time consuming. ;)