Wednesday, February 9, 2011



I bought these flowers for myself at the Aviano market on Tuesday.  There’s just something about fresh flowers that brightens up an entire room and I thought these were beautiful.

Yesterday I had friends over for dinner.  They asked if I’d taken on an Italian boyfriend while Mark’s away since both times they’d been over in the past week, I’d had flowers on my kitchen table.  (The other ones were from my friend, Cassy.)  I believe they even named in Guiermo.  We all had a good laugh about that.  I made risotto for the first time while they were here and it actually turned out pretty good!  I’m excited to make it for Mark when he gets home.

I think the worst part of being solo right now is dinner.  I hate eating by myself.  Granted, I have Abbie to keep me company, but I can’t exactly carry on a conversation with her.  And I spend most of my time telling her not to put food in her hair or throw food on the floor.  It gets a little lonely.  So I was very grateful for Dave and Lynn’s company last night.  But trying to cook a decent meal with a toddler literally hanging on your leg or grabbing things off the counter the ENTIRE time you’re trying to cook is enough to try anyone’s patience.  It reminded me of this quote: “You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.”  ~Franklin P. Jones


Last night was a rough night for me, for many reasons.  I’ll go into more details about it at a later date, but I am emotionally exhausted.  I love my husband more than anything in the world, and I would do anything to be with him, including putting up with all the military’s BS.  I just wish there was some consistency in this lifestyle.  But really, the only constant is that things change.  Frequently.  Makes me miss the days when you only had to worry about when you’d get your next cookie.



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