Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Fill-in

  1. What do you see your life like in 10 years?

Honestly, I have no clue.  That’s the joy of being in the military.  Life’s such an adventure and you can’t really predict next week, let alone a decade out.  I think I’ll still be happily married with maybe a kid or 3 more, but as far as what I’ll be doing for work or where we’ll be living, I honestly don’t have a clue!

  1. What do you like most about your job?

Morning smiles.  Snuggling.  Watching my little girl grow up before my eyes.  Can’t beat it really.

  1. What are three things you do every day, no matter what day it is?

Hug and kiss my daughter.    Talk to my husband (or think about him if he’s not around).  Thank God for all the good in my life.

  1. What would you do with an extra five hours in your day today?

Today I would have done more blogging, folded more laundry, emailed a few people, read a book, written letters and maybe taken a nap.

  1. What is your favorite Christmas (or whichever holiday  you celebrate) cookie recipe (please share!)?

Puppy chow!!!  (2 cups of peanut butter, 2 sticks of butter, 2 cups of choc. chips – melt that all together, the mix in Chex cereal and shake it with powdered sugar!)  If calories didn’t count, I could live on that stuff, but since they do, I only make it around Christmas.


Lydia said...

Hey I'm a new follower from the fill-in! love your blog! The "puppy chow" sounds delicious! I'll have to try that!

Anonymous said...

This fellow fill-in participant definitely feels you on the "next week is as much a mystery as next decade" front. Keeps us on our toes, right?

Elsbit said...

LOL, I am making Puppy Chow tomorrow for Jeff's work! They don't call it puppy chow around here. I have heard it called "white trash". I prefer puppy chow!