Monday, November 8, 2010

In between good and great.


So far, this TDY is worlds apart from the last one.  Granted, we’re only 3 days into it, but I was completely falling apart by this time during the last one.  Now I’m doing great though.  Well maybe not great, but good at least.  In between good and great.

Abbie really is a daddy’s girl.  She really loves Mark.  She has a very special bond with him and people comment on it all the time.  She’s been asking for Mark first thing every morning.  “Da-ee?”  “No, daddy’s not here right now.”  “Da-ee bye-bye?”  “Yes, daddy is bye bye.” <10 second pause>  “Da-ee?”  Well, you get the picture.  She asks about him all the time.  Any time we go on base and go through the gate she starts asking for daddy.  And any time she sees a guy in a flight suit she points and says “da-ee?”  Last night she had a rough time getting to bed and when I went in there she asked for Mark.  And before she went to bed, she was looking for him behind a door that he’s hid behind before when they were playing.  Kinda breaks me heart, but at least he’ll be home in a few weeks.  Mark does her night time routine with her when he’s home so that’s when she really starts asking for him. IMG_3102 IMG_3114 IMG_3121

Abbie is a LOT of work and by 6-7pm, when Mark usually gets home, I’m about at my rope’s end.  But this time I can laugh about it instead of cry.  I took these pictures about 15 mins after she got up….  She’s a little tornado! IMG_3137 IMG_3138

She’s definitely moving into her “independent” stage.  It’s VERY hard to get her to cooperate sometimes and she’s pushing every button she possibly can with me, multiple times.  And she spends half her time awake bossing the dogs around.  She tells them to sit and stay and “no!” and to get in their cage and to go outside and to stop it…  I guess she hears that a lot from me.  I’ve finally gotten her saying “good girl” to Sadie when she’s being good.  Yesterday she took a helmet off this Harley stuffed dog from my parents and put it on Ollie!  I’ll have to get a picture of him next time!  (I would LOVE for her to leave barrettes like this in, but it was in for about 3.26 seconds before she ripped it out.  Just enough time for me to take a picture!) IMG_3153

When she’s not bossing the dogs around, she’s in their cage.  Sadie was thinking “What on earth did I get myself into this time..”  =) IMG_3156 IMG_3161 IMG_3163

Today we got our pictures taken by the jet.  Obviously Mark was supposed to be there, but he’s not, so Abbie and I did it without him.  I thought it was fitting anyway.  “Here we are by Mark’s jet, without Mark.”  Typical military lifestyle.  Everyone got a kick out of Abbie running around pointing at the jet while yelling “JET!!  JET!!”.  As I said, daddy’s girl.

I have 5 more blocks (out of 36) to quilt and then my quilting is done and I just have to bind it!  I’m hoping to get that done this week!  Then I have a zillion other things to work on, but it’s good.  It’s making time fly by!

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Haha love the pics of her in the pet crate, that's too funny