Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick update

I just wanted to apologize for my lack of posts lately.  It’s been busy around here and we’ve been out enjoying the fall weather in Italy, so I haven’t been online as much.  Plus my internet isn’t working at all, which is SUPER frustrating, so even when I want to get online I really can’t.  I take that back, I can –meaning I can open a page or two and then it’ll cut out and I have to wait 5 mins for it to reset and then try to open a few more pages.  It’s aggravating and super frustrating and I just want to throw the laptop against the wall sometimes.  I should probably start using the desktop more…  My biggest complaint about Italy as that they’re not up to date on modern technology at ALL.  And when the internet is your main source of communication with those at home, it really wears my patience thin.

But I have lots of pictures to post and blogs to write and I’ll do it soon, I promise.  If it gets posted soon is a completely different story, but I’ll have them saved on my computer, waiting for the internet to work long enough for me to get them online.

Hope you’re all enjoying the awesome fall weather!

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