Thursday, October 14, 2010

And just like that….

…our Ireland trip is not happening.  Bummer.

As I’ve said before, we were planning on going to Ireland for 10 days in November.  I’d already bought the tickets and reserved the car, since Mark’s TDY had been cancelled and they were going to be home.

Key word there is “were”.  Mark got selected to go to a FECOC course (I don’t know what that stands for, but it’s some sort of advanced course for fighter pilots), which is pretty much the exact same time frame we were going to go to Ireland.  Thank you Air Force.

But it’s okay.  We’re REALLY excited that Mark was chose to go to this course.  They are only sending 3 guys from the squadron and the course is only offered 5 times per year, so it’s pretty cool that they selected Mark to go to it, since everyone was interested in it.

Mark, being the AMAZING husband that he is, was even considering turning it down since we’d already had our trip planned and he didn’t want me to be disappointed, but we both realize that would make him look pretty bad in the squadron and they wouldn’t offer him any more opportunities like this.  Plus he’s pretty darn excited about it.  So he’s going and Abs and I are holding down the fort while he’s gone and we’ll just do our Ireland trip some other time.

I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of this military spouse thing.  I’m disappointed about not getting to spend 10 days in Ireland, because that’s kind of a big deal and I was really excited about it.  Ireland is definitely at the top of places I’d like to go.  But I’m not completely bummed out about it.  I’m learning to go with the flow a little more, which makes my life a lot easier, since the Air Force never sets ANYTHING in stone and you have to be ready for plans to change at the last minute.  It’s almost like God is telling us now isn’t the right time to go to Ireland – at least that’s the way I’m looking at it.  I was nervous about how Abbie would do since she’s at the age where she’s starting to through fits and she gets bored easily in the car.  Plus it would have been pretty cold in Ireland at this time.  Plus we should be saving our money right now since we might go somewhere for Thanksgiving, and we’re going to Austria on a ski trip in December and to Rome for New Year’s.  And then there’s Christmas and our $737 electric bill that we need to pay…  Ouch.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to go to Ireland next year or the year after.

Oh, and now I’m going to be home for the crud tournament!!!  YAY!  Now I just need to find a babysitter….

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