Sunday, October 31, 2010

Abbie update – 17 months old

I haven’t written much about Abbie lately and I feel like she’s changing so fast and I’m going to forget it all unless I write it down!

Last week Abbie had a bad case of hives the entire week.  I’m not sure what was going on, but it looked horrible.  She never had a fever and she acted completely normal, but the hives got progressively worse and were moving all over her body.  I was pretty worried about it, and after 3 calls to the nurse help line, talking to her doctor once on the phone, and them all telling me to wait it out, I still took her to the doctor.  They basically said to let it run it’s course and if it lasted longer than I week to come back.  It lasted 6 days.  At first I thought it was because I switched fabric softener, but now I think it’s those little mandarin oranges.  She loves those things, but I think they’re what were giving her the rash, and diarrhea.  But she’s all better now!


She’s growing up so quickly.  She loves carrying her “purth” around, even though she has a heck of a time keeping it on her shoulder.  She finds all sorts of little things to stuff in there and then walks back and forth across the living room with in on her shoulder.  IMG_3093

Every time we leave the house now, she runs around grabbing armfuls of stuff to take with her.  It’s usually a few stuffed animals and a book or two.  It’s pretty funny though.  We get her out of her car seat and she also has to take something with her usually.  And on the subject of books, she’s starting to read along with books we read her.  She’ll say words that she knows are coming up and you can tell her to get a certain book and she’ll go get it off of her shelf with 30 other books on it.


She’s quite a bossy little thing.  She LOVES telling the dogs what to do.  She’ll tell them to come, down, stop it, sit, etc, and then she’ll usually say good girl if Sadie does what she tells her to do.  But she’s always shouting commands at the dogs.  And she still calls Sadie, “Wee-woo” (short for Sadie Roo). IMG_2987

One of her newest things is she now says “me”.  When she wants you to pick her up or read her a book or do whatever with her, she’ll chase you around with her arms in the air yelling “Me! Me!”.  I’m guessing that means that she understands who “me” is now since she’s calling herself “me”.


She pretty much repeats anything we say now, at least the last word.  Any sentence we say, she’ll repeat the last word, or the main word.  She’s requesting foods now like banana, applesauce (that’s a big one), turkey, ham, chicken, bookies (cookies), peaches, oranges, etc.  Even if she can’t see them, she’ll request them.


And she loves to pretend now.  She loves rocking her baby, and changing her baby’s diaper (with a real wipe of course), and feeding her bottles (her own bottles).  She’ll pretend to give us cookies out of book that has cookies in it.  I’ll give her a bowl and a spoon to “mix” things in and that’ll keep her busy while I make dinner.  She loves it when you “taste” her food.  And she likes to help with whatever I’m doing now.  If I’m vacuuming, you can be sure that she’s under my feet “helping”…  But it’s fun and I like having my little side kick around.


PS:  Don’t worry, that’s chocolate.  =)  (Nutella to be exact!)

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