Sunday, September 12, 2010

Three Decades


The years teach much which the days never knew.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


A few weeks ago I was reading a magazine my mom left behind from her visit here.  I thumbed through it, reading various articles and really liked it.  I turned it over and was a little shocked that I’d been reading “Good Housekeeping”.  It was just a moment of realization for me, that I am officially an adult now that articles in “Good Housekeeping” are much more relevant to my life than articles from “Glamour” or “Cosmo”.

Today I turned 30 years old.  I’ve been on this earth for three whole decades!  Looking back, I realize I have been very blessed in my lifetime.  I’ve had supportive and caring parents, who love each other and love me.  I’ve had amazing friends who have always been there when I wanted and needed them to be.  I’ve had countless experiences that I consider myself very lucky to have experienced.  I grew up in a wonderful and supportive church and am still in contact with many people from there.  I married a man who is my soul mate, confidante, and best friend, and I feel as though we have a very solid marriage.  I’ve traveled around most of the United States and a good portion of Europe too. Together we created our beautiful little girl who brings us so much joy and happiness and lights up the whole house with her laughter and smiles.

I’ve never been afraid to get older and I don’t dread birthdays.  I try to embrace them and be thankful for all the experiences of that year that have made me the 30 year old I am today.

Do not regret growing older.  It is a privilege denied to many.  ~Author Unknown


Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

I didn't know you were 30! Happy Birthday =D

A Humble Planter said...

Happy Birthday! And I had to laugh because I was reading Good Houskeeping when I was getting my hair done last and thought, "Wow this is fantastic, I must subscribe" flip to the cover and went - I figure its not that we're getting old, its that we're are making homemaking that much cooler ;)