Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Abbie in Prague

I decided to do a separate blog of Abbie in Prague.  I have LOTS of pictures of her toodling around all over the place and I think they’re just too cute not to share.  Plus my dad said the best pictures from my other blogs were of Abbie in her little outfits walking around, so if anything else, these are for him.

We had a few people we encountered in Prague mention that we were brave to travel with a 15 month old.  Considering her age, Abbie did very well on our trip.  She slept well, both at night and naps, never once woke up during the night and went to bed very easily for all naps and bedtime with no protesting.  The only real issue we had, besides the screaming in the car (ugh) was that Abbie is in her “gaining independence” mode right now, so she wants to walk everywhere and doesn’t always want to hold our hands.  Overall she did really well, we just had a few fits thrown when she didn’t want to hold our hands or didn’t want to be put in the Ergo.  But they were very short-lived and we went out our merry way.

Not many 15 month olds have been in 7 different countries, but Abbie has!  (US, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic and Germany!)

Yes, we might have gotten to do and see a few more things without Abbie along, but we really, really love our little girl and we were glad she was there to enjoy the experience with us, even if she won’t remember it.  Luckily, we have LOTS of pictures to remind her!

Enjoy the pictures!  (There are too many to post in this blog so it created an album.  If you’re receiving this by email, you’ll have to go to the blog to view the album.)

 IMG_0403        IMG_0416 IMG_0420      IMG_0421 IMG_0465       IMG_0602 IMG_0615   IMG_0627    IMG_0651 IMG_0691 IMG_0705 IMG_0721IMG_0732IMG_0738IMG_0772 IMG_0798       IMG_0820IMG_0792   IMG_0845IMG_0788   IMG_0808       IMG_0878IMG_0831IMG_0858         IMG_0996IMG_0938IMG_1023IMG_0964        IMG_1029 IMG_1050



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