Saturday, July 10, 2010

Quick update

Just wanted to let you all know that my blogging might be quite sparse for the next 2 weeks.  Our internet connection is getting worse by the minute and usually I'm online long enough to see that I have emails, but as soon as I try to open one, the internet poops out.  So then I have to go reset the whole thing and wait for the computer to connect wirelessly and try to open an email, etc.  It's a huge mess.

BUT, I talked to the internet guy and he's ordering us a bigger, more powerful satellite, which he thinks will solve all our internet problems.  It's going to cost 170E so I sure hope it does some good at least.  But after that we should be able to Skype and I'll be able to blog as usual again.

So keep your fingers crossed for us please that our internet problems are solved soon.  And also that Mark's big check ride on Monday goes well.  More on that later.

PS:  Abbie discovered her belly button today.  TOO cute!!

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Anonymous said...

Praying that the internet gets fixed and that Mark does good on his check ride. I need to skype.