Monday, July 12, 2010

First steps

So Abbie took her first steps by herself yesterday (Sunday).  We kind of tricked her into doing it.  She LOVES to hold on to your finger and walk back and forth across the living room and kitchen.  I’ve probably walked 2 miles in the past 2 weeks just in the 40 foot span of our house.  She easily could walk by herself, but she’s not brave enough to try yet.  However, last night Mark was doing laps with her, and I was sitting on the living room floor and he walked her close to me and I held out my hand and she let go of his hand and took probably 3-4 steps by herself to me.  I don’t think she realized that she did it.  I am SO thankful that Mark was there to see it.

Here are a few pictures of Abbie.  Again, she gets a real kick out of sitting in things.  (See below.)  Yesterday Mark and I did the nursery at church and we had 13 kids under 3 in there with us.  We turned around to find Abbie sitting in the middle of a table.  She’d climbed onto a chair and then up on the table.   IMG_0808

Since it’s been super hot and humid here, I took Abbie’s water table out on the porch for her to play in.  She loved it! IMG_0897 IMG_0900

Here’s a few pictures of her in her Blueberry dress.  She left the little bandana on for about 10 seconds, but I got a few pictures of her in it. IMG_0907 IMG_0910 IMG_0914

Most of the Italians hang their laundry to dry, so I figured when in Rome (or Sarone)…  It’s so humid here, I’m not really sure if they’ll actually dry all the way, but I figured I’d give it a shot.  I’m a little nervous to get my first electric bill here.  They send random bills out every 2-3 months and they’re estimates, meaning they don’t come out and check your meter.  They just guess.  (Have I mentioned how lazy Italians can be?)  Anyway, here’s what I got! IMG_0918

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