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Maybe I am easily impressed (which is probably the case) but Abbie absolutely amazes me sometimes.  She just seems SO smart for someone who will be 14 months in 2 days.


I have no clue what is a “normal” vocabulary for a 14 month old, but I am amazed at how quickly Abbie is learning new words.  So far, this is the list of what she can say (and what she knows the meaning of): mama, daddy, Sadie, Ollie, puppy, baby, please, thank you, hi, bye bye, ciao, rabbit, Ryan, hot, duck, ear, hair, foot, knee, ball, book.  She repeats words like chicken, bird, fan, light, etc, but I’m not sure she knows the meaning to those words yet.  She can even put 2 words together and she says “Hi daddy” quite often.  Today she was looking out our living room window and saw the neighbor and said “Hi!  Ciao!”  Most of the Italian’s say “ciao” (pronounced chow) in place of hi and bye, and apparently Abbie is picking up on that.  IMG_8210 IMG_8218

Today she was looking at the picture below, which was on a card (4x6) that I had on the fridge.  I asked her where daddy was, and she pointed to him right away!  I was amazed because they’re all wearing the same thing and have short hair, and yet she was able to pick Mark out every time I asked her.  Is that normal for someone a little over a year old?


She LOVES to look at books.  She is constantly bringing books to us and climbing up on us and sitting in our laps so we’ll read to her.  She is able to point out babies, puppies, ducks and balls in any book we read.  We read lots of books with pictures all over the place (like baby’s first words type books) and she’ll point to the correct thing pretty much every time.IMG_8244


Now when she sees an ear, whether it’s in a book or on someone else, she points to it and says “ear”.  She has been able to point to her own body parts for a while, but now you can ask her “Where is daddy’s nose"?” and she will touch Mark’s nose, or hair, or ear, or eye.  We were at the doctor’s office last week and she saw a baby on a poster, and pointed at it and said “baby”.  (She also does this when she sees her reflection.)  And she saw a painting of a puppy and pointed and said puppy.  Again, is this normal for someone her age?  I am clueless as to when kids are supposed to be able to do this stuff, but it amazes me that she catches on to stuff so quickly!

She’s getting much closer to walking by herself now.  She’s tried to take a few steps by herself recently and today, for the first time, she actually stood on her feet to push around her toy, instead of on her knees.  She’s also getting good at following simple directions such as sit down, stand up, take this to daddy, go get your baby/book/ball, etc.

     IMG_8345 IMG_8384

As I said, maybe I am just easily impressed, but she seriously amazes me.  I think part of the reason she gets so frustrated right now is because she knows what she wants, but doesn’t know how to communicate what she wants, which results in screaming.  I’m trying really hard to point to things and say the names and to ask her what she wants when she starts screaming, and the past few days have been better.  She’ll shake her head ‘no’ if she doesn’t want what I point to, and she’ll sign “more” if she does want it.

This is probably one of my all-time favorite pictures I’ve taken so far.  I pulled out my 75-300mm lens and took most of the pictures on this post with it.IMG_8281

And since I haven’t posted about the weinas in a while, here are pictures of them too.

IMG_8261 IMG_8204

And another favorite of Abbie taken today. IMG_8309

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