Thursday, July 15, 2010


This is my 333rd blog post.  Kinda hard to believe.  Actually, it's my 334th, but for whatever reason, one of the blogs I wrote last month won't post.  I have no clue why.

Anyway, I called the internet guy today to make sure he ordered the new dish.  Apparently there is a "problem".  Surprise, surprise...  The company is worried that if they give us a more powerful dish it's going to ruin other people's internet connections, so they said we could try it for a month or two, but if it screwed up other people's signals then they're going to give us back the old dish.  Wonderful.  I told him that we've paid for this service for 3 months and it's never worked right and it's to the point now that I have to reset the internet every single time I want to open a new webpage and he said yeah, it's just your location.  I don't understand that though because the people that lived here before us didn't have problems with it at all, but it's getting worse for us every week.  I told him something needs to change either way because it's not working right now and that we'd like to try the better dish and he said okay, he'll talk to the company.  So I have no clue what's going to happen, if anything.  It really, really sucks.

Abbie has been an absolute bear lately.  She is into EVERYTHING.  I turned around from doing the dishes today and she was up on top of the BACK of the couch looking out the window.  She's figured out how to climb into the couch by herself and now all the way up on to the back of the couch.  I can guarantee she's going to fall off and get hurt.  It's exhausting trying to entertain her all day.  She knows exactly what she wants, but doesn't know how to tell you, so she screams.  A lot.  If she doesn't get her way or you reprimand her, she throws a full out temper tantrum.  As in, lays on the floor, kicks, screams, etc.  She bites and pinches when she gets frustrated, which is often.  *sighs*  I hope to God this is just a stage...  And what if the "terrible two's" are worse than this??  I can barely handle her now!  She LOVES ripping my glasses off my face and then she shouts "Hi!!" in my face like 10 times.  It seems like every time I'm holding her now, she's either trying to climb up me or trying to rip my glasses off my face, and she usually succeeds at it.  That kid is quick!

Mark is going to Sweden soon and I'm going to be with her by myself for 2 weeks and I am scared.  I count the minutes until I think he's going to be home right now so I can just get a little bit of a breather from her.  I can't really do anything I want to do when she's awake because she climbs on things and gets into things and gets pissy and bites my legs when I don't pay attention to her all the time.  Sometimes I just want to sit down and cry.  I want to work on my quilting, but can't because she won't let me.

I really, really hope this is a phase and it's over soon, because she is more than I can handle right now.  But I still love her to death.  Especially when she's sleeping.  =)

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Amy's Avenue Blog! said...

Hey Monica! Owen has been in that stage as well, and I am happy to report it is getting much better. He used to hit me in the face, a LOT! He has stopped doing that and is getting better at showing me what he wants. I started asking him to "SHOW ME" what he wants and now he points, and sometimes it takes a while, but we are getting better at communicating with each other!

It really is exhausting being a full time SAHM. I know when John left for 8 weeks it was difficult. But you can definitely do it! What time does she sleep at night? Owen always goes down by 730 and then I do my crafty things- it makes me feel human again. But i too do not get much done during the day. Sometimes i try to set him up with a project when i am doing something and i need him to be occupied. Sit her in her high chair with something interesting. I give owen a couple of cars and a book or somethng when i unload the dishwasher because 1. it is hot someitmes, and 2. he likes to climb inside of it.

anyways, GOOD LUCK! You are in the difficult stage right now. I can't wait until owen can hold actual conversations with me!