Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lucerne, Switzerland

(I had to split these into two separate blogs because it would take FOREVER to upload this many pictures in one blog post.)

On our way home, we decided to drive through Lucerne, Switzerland.  I’d read that it’s the 5th most popular tourist destination in the WORLD in 2010!  It was beautiful and what I was hoping Zurich would be like.

The ride from Zurich to Lucerne (about 45 mins) was beautiful.

 IMG_7912 IMG_7914 IMG_7923 IMG_7950

Lucerne is right on Lake Lucerne (go figure…).  Zurich was located on a huge lake too, and we passed quite a few large lakes on our drives through Switzerland.  Seems as though Switzerland is all mountains and lakes!  Lake Lucerne is the 4th largest in Switzerland.


Abbie got a kick out of all the swans, and so did Mark and I when they did this.  =)

IMG_7972 IMG_7978 IMG_7984

This bridge is the most famous landmark in Lucerne.  It was built in 1333, and part of it was burned down in 1993, allegedly due to a cigarette starting the fire.  All the triangles on the bridge depict the history of Lucerne.

IMG_7988 IMG_7998 IMG_8003

This is what I pictured Switzerland to be like, and it probably would have been like this is Zurich also if there hadn’t been that huge fair going on at the time.

IMG_8006 IMG_8009 IMG_8015 IMG_8021 IMG_8023

Abbie was a pretty good girl throughout our trip, except for her sleep issues…  She sure does like milkshakes though!


We passed under the gondola on our ride home.  There are a few gondola rides you can take up to mountain peaks in Switzerland but they’re like 70CHF ($70) per person, so we passed this time around.


Again, this picture doesn’t do any justice to the beautiful scenery that surrounded us.


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