Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Head, shoulders knees and toes…


Abbie is active as ever lately.  I can’t get over what a little sponge she is.  It absolutely amazes me how quickly she catches on to things.

She is absolutely in to EVERYTHING now.  She’s figuring out how to get into more things daily, but she’s fairly good at listening when I tell her no.  For some reason she loves to sit in her toy shelf.


We’ve been working on body parts for a while now, and she has quite a few of them down.  She’s even starting to say a few of them.  For 13 months old, I think she’s doing pretty well!

Here’s her touching her ear, which she can also say.

IMG_7664 IMG_7676

And her hair (which she also says) and her belly…

IMG_7677 IMG_7678

And her nose (which she says) and her tongue…

IMG_7680 IMG_7681

And her foot, which she also says and if you tell her to point to her other foot, she’ll point to her other foot.


Right now we’re working on learning her knees and eyes.


She LOVES wearing her sunglasses now and every time she sees them she brings them to me to put on her.


She’s still a little unsure about her pony, but she’s warming up to it, slowly but surely.


Abbie knows how to make a few animal sounds.  She knows how to roar like a lion, woof woof like a puppy and “ooh ooh aah ahh” like a monkey.  Here’s Mark getting a little carried away with the “ooh ooh aah aah”ing.  *BIG GRINS*  Abbie obviously loves it.


Abbie has turned in to my little buddy.  She’s always been my side kick, but now she knows she’s my side kick.  When we were in Zurich, we were eating at this fish place.  I was eating shrimp, and I didn’t want to give her shell fish quite yet, since shell fish allergies are on Mark’s side of the family.  Mark was eating some other kind of fish, and was trying to get Abbie to eat some of his.  Every time he’d hand her some, she’d throw it on the floor, look at me, and sign “more”.  So I took some of Mark’s fish when she wasn’t looking and pretended I was eating it, and then gave her some of it,and what do you know, she gobbled it right up.  Little turd…  Every time I sit on the floor now, she hauls all her toys and books over and perches herself right in my lap and sits there.  She’s never done that before.  I also wear little barrettes in my hair to try to keep it under control in this crazy humidity.  EVERY SINGLE TIME she sees a barrette in my hair she attempts to rip it out and put it in her hair (which is GREAT fun when I wear her in the Ergo).

Oh, and Abbie will give you kisses now, which melts my heart every time.

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