Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy Father’s Day

I’m very blessed to have amazing men in my life, my dad and my husband.  I remember hearing, or maybe it was reading, that women tend to marry guys that are similar to their dad’s, and in my case, that holds very true.   Mark and my dad are quite similar in many ways, the least of which is that they’d do anything for their daughters (including buying a car from them, and then buying that same come FROM them so they could buy a different car… Thanks dad!).  I know I have a very special bond with my dad, and I see Abbie forming that with Mark, and that makes me very happy.

See the similarities for yourself…

Baby_DanIMG_4561Baby_Dan6IMG_6828Baby_Dan2 IMG_9320 - CopyBaby_Dan3 IMG_6195  Baby_Dan4IMG_7260 Baby_Dan5  IMG_9648   Baby_Dan8 IMG_5717Child_Dan2 IMG_4416 Child_Dan3 IMG_9664 

Thank you, dad, for always being there for me when I need advice or encouragement, and for all you’ve taught me and done for me.  If we can give Abbie half as good of a childhood as I had with you and mom, we’ll be doing good.

And thank you, Mark, for being an amazing daddy to Abbie.  You’re such a hands-on dad, and your love for her is written all over your face EVERY time you look at her and I know that she loves you just as much as I do.

Happy Father’s Day.  I love you both.


Anonymous said...

Adorable pics.... that was just the sweetest blog :) -Rachel

Alison said...

I LOVE the side by side comparisons... that was so cute!