Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Abbie’s into everything

I recently got a set of magnets for my fridge.  I thought Abbie might have fun playing with the outline of the magnets, and I was right… =)  They kept her entertained for a good 15 minutes! IMG_6335 IMG_6342 IMG_6344

Abbie loves her baby doll right now.  You can ask her to get her baby and she will.  I’m teaching her how to give her baby kisses right now and how to rock her baby and she’s picking it up.   IMG_6352 IMG_6355 IMG_6356

She still loves to talk on the phone any chance she gets and she still holds it backwards with the back of her hand on her ear instead of the phone.  Soon enough she’ll have it down. IMG_6368

I’ve started putting her hair in a ponytail.  I like barrettes better, but I worry about her taking them out and trying to eat them.  She leaves the ponytail alone for the most part.  The challenging part is getting her to sit still enough to do it, which is why I do it when she’s in the high chair.IMG_6384 IMG_6415IMG_6406  IMG_6439

I gave her watermelon yesterday for the first time.  She liked to smoosh it more than she liked to eat it and she ended up staining her shirt quite a bit, but oh well.  She had fun. IMG_6388

I have a bowl full of potatoes on a lower shelf in my kitchen.  Every day (multiple times) Abbie goes over and throws the potatoes all over the place and picks all the eyes off of them.  So if you ever come over and there are potatoes all over my kitchen, this is why.IMG_6444


Practicing her kissing.  =)IMG_6450

I’m really just not sure if they come any cuter!IMG_6452

Abbie also likes to haul her lambie around.  You can wind it up and it’ll play “Jesus Loves Me” and she’s completely fascinated by it.  Tonight she managed to get on her bike by herself too! IMG_6462 IMG_6471

Only ONE more night after tonight and her daddy will be home!!!


Anonymous said...

I just have to say, i see ALOT of little girls hair, and Abbie's really is exceptionally thick, long, and pretty for her age :) she is a darn cute little girl!!! -Rachel

Jackie said...

Could she BE any cuter??? She is adorable and I LOVE all the pictures you post of her!!!

Alex said...

She is so adorable!! Thanks soo much Monica for always keeping us updated and for the wonderful pictures!! I miss you three and love you three!! Love Alex