Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Abbie’s first time in the Adriatic

We took Abbie to the beach in Grado this week.  She loved it.  Mark was really excited about taking her.  He’s kind of a beach guy himself, which is why I waited until he was here to take her. IMG_0567 - Copy   IMG_0570 - Copy IMG_0577 - Copy IMG_0581 - Copy   IMG_0590 - Copy IMG_0594 - Copy IMG_0602 - Copy   IMG_0604 - Copy IMG_0644 - CopyIMG_0611 - Copy IMG_0622 - Copy IMG_0626 - Copy IMG_0632 - Copy IMG_0635 - CopyShe had a great time digging around in the sand and crawling all over the place.   Mark took her out into the water a little ways and she wasn’t too fond of the waves, but she liked splashing in the water when she was sitting on the beach.  We didn’t stay too long because it was pretty windy and we didn’t want Abbie getting too much sun, even though we’d slathered her multiple times with sunscreen.


Anonymous said...

ahhh to live that close to a beach! Italy just keeps looking better and better! REALLY cute pics! I like the one of the 3 of u on the blanket :) -Rachel

Anonymous said...

Looks like Abbie was having alot of fun playing in the sand. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Ryan said...

Actually Uncle Ryan was having a lot of fun playing in the sand and building things for Abbie to come along and destroy them. It was funny she would knock down anything I built. Great time!!