Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Pippers update


I absolutely cannot believe Abbie is going to be a year old in a little over a week.  I cry every time I think about it.  I just want her to stay little forever, but she’s getting so big!  That’s what everyone says when they meet her for the first time.  “She’s big!”.  Yeah, I know…  She’s not “big”, but she’s very tall for her age.  Mark and I are guessing she’ll be about 5’10” when she’s an adult.  We’ll see though.IMG_5618

She’s such a little copy cat now.  She copies pretty much everything you do.  You laugh, she laughs.  You sneeze, she makes a sneeze sound.  You clap, she claps.  It’s pretty funny.  One of her toys has a lion that roars and she copies that too.

She’s infatuated with hair.  If I let my hair down she gets really wide eyed and stares at it.  If she sees me brushing my hair, she’ll look for her brush to brush her hair.  And I got her this ball at a store here in Italy that she LOVES.  She gets so excited when she plays with that thing!  She’ll chase it all over the place.  I think she’s going to be Mark’s little basketball player.


She loves music and loves to dance.  Her version of dancing is swinging her arms around in the air and shaking her head and bouncing all at the same time.  With an occasional scream thrown in for good measure.  I really need to get that on video soon.


I really want to get her involved in playgroups, but that is super hard with only one car.  As soon as the Passat gets here, I’m going to start taking her to a playgroup on base.  She is really attached to Mark and I, and I want her to interact more with kids than she has been.

Yesterday we were eating at a food court on base for lunch.  A lady sat down next to us with an ice cream cone.  Abbie of course, zeroed in on that right away.  She started pointing at the ice cream cone and signing “more” and then pointing and signing and looking at us in between.  Mark and I were cracking up.  She’s had ice cream TWICE, and apparently she knows what it is.  Mark said “if she’s not her mother’s daughter, I don’t know who is.”  What can I say?  =)


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Jackie said...

You are right, she is growing up too fast!! She is such a cutie! ...and Mark is probably right about being "her mother's daughter" :) Miss you!!!