Thursday, May 27, 2010

Daddy’s little helper

Abbie is all into “helping” now, and let me tell you, she’s a HUGE help….  =)  Especially when I’m trying to unpack and organize things and as fast as I can get them on shelves or in drawers, she can get them off or out.  It’s great.

Anyway, we were putting the bench we got from Ikea together, and Abbie had to help Mark.IMG_6196IMG_6192

And here are a few more pictures of her from her birthday.  We got her a little instrument set that she LOVES.

“Hurry up daddy!”IMG_5979

Kazoo’s make funny noises!IMG_6017

“Hmm..  What IS that thing??”  (It’s a harmonica.)IMG_6036

She actually got it to make a little noise! IMG_6037

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