Sunday, April 4, 2010

So grossed out

I've cleaned up about all the dog poop and puke I can handle in the past 24 hours.  It started last night around 2:30am.  It was Abbie waking us up this time, it was Sadie who jumped off the bed and poop on the floor.  Thank GOD there is only tile floors in this place and no carpet.  Although after that she proceeded to puke on the bed, and then later she pooped all over an arm chair.  It's disgusting.  I don't know what she ate, but it's sure not agreeing with her.  She just pooped again on the floor and then when I was cleaning that up she peed on the floor too.  Anyone know what I can give her to make her poops even a little solid?  Yuck.

On a positive note, Abbie has been sleeping until 6:30am for 2 days in a row!  That's much better than 2:30am, although I think we have a ways to go until we get her back up to 8am.  We gave her a bath again tonight and I got in the tub with her, but she's still pretty scared.  She was clinging to Mark for dear life when he brought her into the bathroom and was crying.  She did better with me in there with her, but she slipped again (nothing major, we were both hanging on to her so she didn't go anywhere, her feet just slipped out from under her) and she flipped out.  Anyone know how to get her over this fear of the tub?  She used to love it.  I feel bad for her.

Today we went to Easter Service on base.  It was okay.  The message was terrible and a worm could probably speak more dynamically that this guy did.  The music was okay.  Luckily people who've been there before said that it's usually better than that.

After church we went to Mark's commanders house for Easter bunch with the squadron.  We got to meet a lot of people from the squadron.  Everyone seems very nice and it seems as though EVERYONE has kids or is pregnant or both.  I think I saw 2 couples with no kids.  The commander has 6 kids himself.  Their house was really neat, but houses over here are just so different from what we're used to in the States.  There is no such thing as open concept anything here.  The house we'll be renting is probably as open concept as they come since the kitchen, dining and living room is all one big room.

Tomorrow is an Italian holiday so most things are closed on base.  Mark has Right Start classes and I guess Abbie and I are going to hang out here most of the day and pray to God that she takes decent naps and that Sadie doesn't continue pooping all over the place.

Friday is a family day here, which means we'd like to travel some where.  But since neither of us has a AAA license, or even a car at this point, I'm not sure where we'll be able to go.  We might just head down to Venice for a day since it's only 45 mins away, or maybe go to Milan, which is 3 hrs away.  I'd love to go to Vienna or Zurich, which are both 5-6 hours away, but that would involve going out of the country and I'm not sure how long it'd take to get there via train.  We'll see.  I really hope we have a car by then!


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Em said...

Sorry about your poopy/pukey problems! Blech!

And 6:30 sounds really reasonable. 8:00?!?! Ha! Today Sierra slept in until 7:45, and that's the latest she slept since I-don't-know-when! It was divine. I'm so glad that Abbie is starting to adjust to the new time. I hope it keeps up for you (knock on wood).

Venice is my most favorite place in Italy. I love just walking up and down the street, looking at all the lovely things there. Venitian glass is so pretty.