Friday, April 2, 2010

Bellisima bambina!

Translated means beautiful baby girl.IMG_0136

I haven’t done a post about Pips lately.  Well besides my one at 3am… 

Other than the sleeping issues, Abbie is doing great.  People over here rave about her.  The Italians are very big on babies and they all come up to her and say “Ahh, bellisimo bambina!!!” and then they talk mostly to her and not to us.  And they ALL touch her.  I’m glad she’s not a newborn because Italians are touchy feely people in general, but especially with kids.  They love touching her face and hands.  Luckily that doesn’t bother me too much.

IMG_0188  She’s pulling up on everything now and her new thing is to push things around while she ‘walks’ on her knees.  She loves and and she trucks all over the place pushing things around.  Chairs, her high chair, her play table – anything she can get to move.  And sometimes she runs into things and then she’ll be pushing multiple things around.  It’s kinda funny.IMG_0219 IMG_0177IMG_0227

She’s also started spitting things out now when she’s eating.  Drives me NUTS!  Especially her pureed baby foods.  She’ll eat about half of it just fine, and then she starts spitting it all out and you have to put it in her mouth about 3 times before she’ll actually swallow it.  Grr.


She has her front top right tooth all the way through the skin and her other front tooth is just barely starting to poke through.  Luckily they don’t seem to be bothering her much and she’s not drooling everywhere either. IMG_4931 For some reason, the bathtub here TERRIFIES her.  Three nights ago we gave her a bath and she slipped and her head almost went all the way under the water and I think that freaked her out big time.  Tonight we just put her in there and she started screaming her “scared” scream.  It took two of us to give her a bath and she was upset during most of it.  I put a towel in the bathtub so it wouldn’t be so slippery, but she still didn’t like it.  Not good…  Hopefully she’ll get over her fear here, or at the new house once we get into it.IMG_4936

That’s all for now.  Tomorrow we’re going to look for a car and sign the contract for our house.  Hopefully it’ll all work out and we can find a car.  That would be very nice.

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