Friday, April 30, 2010

A Friday full of errands.

Abbie has been having gray colored poops lately (sorry if that’s TMI), so I decided to take her to the doctor.  I wasn’t all that worried about it since she was acting pretty normal, but I read online that that can be a sign of her liver not working properly, so I wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything serious.  I had mentioned to my parents the night before that I was taking her in on Friday and apparently I freaked them out.  My mom already had plans to give Abbie a part of her liver and everything.  =)  I come by my worrying naturally, that’s for sure.  Mark said he was surprised half my mom’s liver wasn’t on ice and halfway to Italy by Friday morning.   But the pediatrician checked her out and Abbie’s just fine.  She was 20.01lbs, which concerned me a little since she was like 19.5lbs at her 9 months appointment 2.5 months ago.  But her ped. said that was normal and that she’s still at the 45% on the growth chart for weight.  (She was at the 50th, so nothing to be concerned about.)

Abbie and I ran a whole bunch of errands after her doctors appointment.  While we were waiting for Mark to get off work we ran into a guy that was in Mark’s IFF class at Vance in the post office.  The poor guy had just gotten to Italy a few hours earlier and the guy that picked him up at the airport dropped him off at the hotel on base and left him there.  He wasn’t familiar with the base or the area, had no way to get around, had no cell phone or anything – the guy had just dumped him there.  I was pretty upset for him.  So we got him a cell phone and went to the BX to get him adapters for his electronics.  I drove him around base and pointed out the buildings that I knew and then gave him a quick tour of Aviano before Mark called.  We went and met Mark and then we all went out for dinner.  I think it was an act of God that we ran into each other at the post office.  If we hadn’t he would have been stuck all weekend with no way to get a hold of anyone (he didn’t know Mark’s cell #) and no way to get around.

Before we ran into Mark’s friend we stopped by a greenhouse near base.  It was AMAZING!  I could have easily spent 200Euro on plants, but I didn’t buy anything because I knew if I started I wouldn’t stop.  So I’ll take Mark back there sometime soon and he can help me pick them out.  I’m very excited about that!

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