Friday, March 12, 2010

We have dates!!!

Yes, I know I've said that numerous times before, but hopefully this time I'm not "kidding".

As of right now, the movers are coming March 19 and 22-24 to pack up our house in 3 separate moves, so we will be completely out of this house by the 25th of March.  That night we'll drive to LA so we can drop our car off at the port on the 26th.  We're planning on spending Friday and Saturday in LA with friends we met in Enid, and then we'll head from LA to Venice (flying commercially) on the 28th.  The only way this is all going to work though, is if Abbie and I have our visas/passports back by the 25th.  If we don't have them back, then either we'll all rearrange our flights and fly together at a later date, or Mark and the dogs will go to Italy and Abbie and I will either drive back to Phoenix and wait for our visas while staying in a hotel, or we'll fly back to IL and wait at my parents house.  If we go to IL though, there's a chance that we'll have to pay for our tickets to Italy, and wait to be reimbursed for it all.  Those tickets alone will be around $4000, and considering we'll have to drop about that much to get into a rental house over there also, I'm not sure we'll be able to do that.  So if you all could please pray your hearts out that our visas are back by the 25th, that would be MUCH appreciated.

Now on to the task of videoing everything we have in the house and deciding what stuff is going in which shipment, what we're going to mail ourselves and what we want to take with us in luggage.  Luckily I have a week to figure it all out and get it organized.

That's the news for now.  We'll let you know if/when it changes.

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Em said...

Monica! How exciting that this is finally happening after waiting and changing and finding and waiting any hurry-ing and waiting again. I'll think "speedy visa" thoughts for you. I hope everything works out. Good luck with the move!