Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ready for Mark to come home

Mark’s only been gone for 2 days, but thankfully, he’ll be home tomorrow morning.  Abbie was really giving me a run for my money this afternoon.  She was so screamy!  And I had a headache, which didn’t help matters.  She’s at the age where she knows what she wants, but she doesn’t quite know how to tell you what she wants, which results in her shrieking constantly.  It’s not an upset scream, it’s just an intense scream at the top of her lungs scream.  A “the neighbors 4 doors down can hear easily” scream.  And she did that from about 5:30-7pm tonight.  Fun…  Thank GOD she’ll be out of this stage (I hope) by the time Mark deploys.  I’m ready for a break after 3 days, how on earth am I going to remain sane when I’m with her by myself for FOUR+ months??  That’s when you all get to visit and help me out.  =)
This is how I felt tonight…IMG_9366
On a side note, she was standing up in her crib for the first time this morning.  She stood up yesterday before one of her naps in her crib (and couldn’t sit down so I went and laid her down which pissed her off to no end), but she’s never been standing up waiting for me in the morning.  It was too cute, but very bittersweet.  She’s growing up way too fast.
I went shopping at Target and Ross today.  My 2 favorite places to get (cheap) baby clothes.  I’ve been asking people in Aviano where they get most of their baby clothes, and they all said they buy it online and have it shipped to Italy.  So I figured I’d just finish out most of her 12-18 month wardrobe, to last her until fall or winter.  I spent $75 at Ross and got her 10 outfits, they were all $5-8, which was pretty good.  And I got her a bunch of $4 shorts at Target.  I’ll try to take pictures of all of them tomorrow and post so you can see.  I truly love shopping for her.  It’s just like playing dress up with dolls.  I was laughing to myself today as I walked into Ross.  I’d realized I had Abbie all decked out in an adorable white onsie and a cute pink and yellow flowered skirt with leggings I made her and her Robeez shoes, along with a pink cardigan.  And I was wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt and flip flops…  Something is wrong with that picture.  Whatever.  Everyone looks at her anyway.  She’s my best accessory!
In quilting news, I’m almost done with the top!  Below are the strips that I sewed together.  I sewed 2 together, so when opened they look like the bottom picture.  And then I sewed 3 of those sets together so they were 6 strips wide.  Then I cut those strips into squares and arranged them so the quilt is 6 squares wide and 6 squares long.  Then I sewed the rows of 6 squares together and now I’m in the process of sewing the rows together.  The end (of this part) is in site!  I might have this done before we move!  I’ll be sure to post pictures of the quilt top when it’s done.  (Tomorrow or this weekend!)
 IMG_9352 IMG_9353

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