Sunday, March 21, 2010

Packing is never ending

…which is why I’ve taken quite a few breaks today.  We’re mostly packed, but I keep thinking of things I’d like to try to cram into a suitcase or ship ourselves.  Since I’ve heard of more than one occasion where entire shipments have been “lost”, it’s hard to decide what I want to entrust to the packers care, because in the back of my mind, I’m thinking I might never see some of my things again.  And even if I do see them again, what can I live without for 2+ months?  Not easy decisions at all.

I’ve managed to cram all of Abbie’s toys and books that we’re taking into this little carry-on.  Hopefully that thing being jam packed full of toys and books will keep her entertained for a few weeks.  (Abbie and Sadie are GREAT helpers when it comes to packing….  I put it in, Abbie takes it out and Sadie watches.  We have a system.)IMG_0126

The weinas know something is going on, which means Ollie is officially attached to my hip.  I took these pictures of them last night, while Ollie was sitting on my lap. IMG_0096

Who couldn’t love a face like this?? IMG_0099

Sadie-Roo, crazy as ever! IMG_0103

As I told you a few days ago, I got my order from Burgundy Buttons in.  I got 4 charm packs, and a honey bun of Moda fabric by Me and My Sister Designs.  Mark was making fun of me today.  I have the fabric sitting on the table, which is directly in front of the door when I come into the house.  He said I pick it up every time I come in or go past it and touch it and go through it and run my fingers over the edges of it.  He did a fairly good immitation of me doing it.  I can’t help it.  Fabric makes me happy.  It’s so pretty and colorful and I love looking at it and imagining what I might be able to do with it someday.  Here’s a few pictures of it.IMG_0113 IMG_0114 I also won that drawing from Burgundy Buttons also and she emailed me and asked if I wanted to take advantage of their 10% off sale (for National Quilting Day, which was yesterday) and the free shipping since she was already shipping me the giveaway fabric.  She talked me into it, which admittedly, wasn’t too difficult.  So I ordered 2 more charm packs and a jelly roll (which is like a honey bun, but bigger) of fabric.  And I’m having it shipped to Italy so hopefully it’ll meet me over there and I can have something else to brighten my day and make me feel not so far from home.  It’s amazing that 2 weeks ago I couldn’t have told you what a jelly roll or a charm pack or a honey bun was if you’d smacked me upside the head with one.  I had no clue about anything quilting related.  But now I follow LOTS of quilting blogs and look at all these pictures of AMAZING quilts that these ladies create and I just want to sit down and quilt for days.  I’m excited to get to Italy because it’s Italy, but I’m also excited to get there and get started on my new hobby.  I’ve been looking for a sewing table on craigslist for a while now, but it’s hard to pick up tables that big without a truck, and they’ve been kinda expensive so I’ve held off.  (By the way, I’m going to miss Craigslist like none other after we leave Phoenix.  That’s one of my favorite sites to browse.)  Anyway, I had a wonderful idea that I could get a sewing table at Ikea once we get over to Italy!  I think there are like 3 Ikea’s within a 4 hour radius of Aviano, and I’m sure we’ll need other stuff from there after we get moved in and settled.  We always think of more things we need.  So that made me happy to realize I could get it in Italy.

That’s all for now!  Back to packing!

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Anonymous said...

Just thought i'd let u know that Jared makes fun of me when i shop that if i see something i like, i always have to touch it for some reason... so you are not the only one! And that's awesome that u will have Ikea's by you! That would brighten my day, any day! LOL happy packing! -Rachel