Monday, March 22, 2010

Halfway done

Well we’re mid-move now.  2 days down, 2 days to go.  The vast majority of our upstairs is packed and gone.  They left our bed and the guest bed, and all the stuff that’s going to IL up there, but that’s about it.  Now they just have to do the downstairs – kitchen, living room and laundry room basically.  I don’t think it’ll take them too long to do all that.

We had the windshield replaced on the Passat 2 weeks ago and Friday the rear view mirror fell off.  A guy came out today to fix it, and after the 3rd attempt he got it to stick… long enough for him to leave.  And then it fell off again.  So they’re coming out Wednesday to put in a new windshield again, which is completely convenient since we have the 4th round of movers coming, Mark has to out-process on base, the dogs have their vet check appt, we have to get their health certificates USDA vet certified (which is 45 mins away), and we have to get the house completely cleaned and ready to go.  I’m not exactly sure when they’re going to replace it, but it’ll be interesting.

Today I ran a few errands while the movers and Mark were here.  I took a bunch of stuff to the post office, mainly 4 big boxes of stuff for us to ship to Italy.  It took me a good half hour or more to fill out all the paperwork for them and it was frustrating.  Out of the 4 boxes, the one I was most concerned about getting there quickly was the ONLY one I couldn’t send priority.  Naturally, it was Abbie’s car seat (which as much other stuff crammed around it as I could fit in the box).  She’s pretty much outgrown her infant carrier, so we wanted her convertible car seat to get there quickly, which is why I didn’t send it in the 3 week express shipment.  I wanted it there shortly after we got there.  But lo and behold, the damn thing was a few inches over the max to send it priority.  So instead of being there in 7-10 days, it’ll be there in 4-6 weeks.  And the USPS is the only way to ship to an APO address.  No FedEx or UPS.  And it was still $111 for that one box.  Go figure…  All 4 of them was $356.  I hope we get reimbursed for some of that….

Still no word on the visas.  My stomach has been hurting on and off for the past 24 hours, I think mostly due to nerves.  I know full well this is going to come down to the wire, and most likely I’ll have to rearrange all my plans at the last minute.  (Anyone remember the baby shower ordeal??…)

Anyway, Abbie is up there screaming now, so I’m going to go try to calm her down.  We’ll keep you updated.

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