Monday, January 25, 2010

Introducing the Ergo

Our Ergo and backpack IMG_7640came in the mail on Friday.  Abbie seriously loves the thing, almost as much as we do.  So far, I’ve worn her on 2 walks around the neighborhood and in the grocery store, and Mark wore her on our hike in the White Tanks.   IMG_7644IMG_7648 As you can see, she does love the thing, and it is VERY comfortable to wear.  Since the waistband is wide and padded, most of her weight is on your hips.  It basically feels like you’re wearing a book bag, although I remember my book bag in college being much heavier and a lot less comfortable. IMG_7663IMG_7675

The hike in the White Tanks was beautiful.  I wish we had bought a season pass to this park now.  It’s about 15-20 mins from our house.  We did the Waterfall Canyon trail this time, which is only a mile or so long, but as you can see, beautiful.  We figured (along with LOTS of other people) we’d check out the waterfall since we’ve had so much  IMG_7688

rain here lately.  You had to climb way back in the canyon to see the waterfall, or tip-toe across a few scattered rocks, neither of which we were willing to do with Abbie with us.

IMG_7724 So Mark climbed back and got pictures of the waterfall while Abbie and I sat on a rock and watched people fall in the water.


(I really need a hood for my camera.  Then you wouldn’t see my hand blocking the sunlight….)



It seems as though Arizona is more beautiful this time of the year.  The weather was PERFECT for the hike – low 60’s and mostly sunny with a nice breeze.IMG_7739

Abbie really enjoys people watching.







Apparently the thing is comfortable too because Abs fell asleep on the way back.  The Ergo has a sleep hood on it though so we just put that up and it prevented her head from bouncing around.IMG_7762    IMG_7750 It was a beautiful day and we had a great time hiking with our little one.IMG_7768


Anonymous said...

I just have to say that it's so funny how you get used to your weather... i pretty much wore teh same amount of clothing (or less!) to feed the horses in 34 degree weather today. LOL. I would be wearing shorts in the 60's! :)- Rachel

Alison said...

I have taken that same hike before, though it was when it was a lot hotter, so looks like your hike was much more enjoyable :). I love Abbie's jacket - so cute!

Anonymous said...

Abbie is so beautiful! I love her little faces she makes! Some of her. Expressions remind me of my Lilly. Too cute! Lilly makes that face when she is people watching and she scrunches her eyebrows and purses her lips like what r they doing. - Elyse

Donna said...

The Ergo looks very comfortable for Abbie and the wearer. What a beautiful day for a hike.

Em said...

YAY!!! I'm so happy the Ergo AND everyone loves it AND that you went back to the White Tanks AND that Abbie fell asleep in the carrier!!

I'm jumping for joy for you. And I wish I could be there so that we could get double Ergo pictures. Also, your straps on your new mei tai are going to be purple no wale courdory (courdory without the "cords"). How do you feel about that?!