Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Close call!


Abbie hasn’t been sleeping well at all for the past 3 nights.  We’re not sure what her deal is.  I don’t see or feel teeth coming it, so I don’t think it’s that, but MAN!  The kid does not want to sleep at all.  And she’s been waking up in the middle of the night and crying a lot, so I’ve gotten up with her the past 2 nights to try to calm her down.  Not fun.

Anyway, so last night Mark and I were going in to check on her like we always do before we went to bed.  Mark had shut her door all the way when he put her to bed, so I spent a good 2 mins trying to QUIETLY open the door since the hinges and the door handle make noises.  I finally got the door open and was tiptoe-ing inside her room and Mark was right behind me.  Unfortunately, Mark had worked out that day so his “shoulders were bigger than normal” (according to him) and he bumped into a picture I had hanging on the wall just inside the door.  Nice.

Abbie IMMEDIATELY popped her head up and looked in the direction of the door.  Since we both knew if she saw us, it’d be all over and we’d spend an hour trying to get her back to sleep.  So I ducked down and hid behind her changing table and Mark jumped out of the room and around the corner out of site.  HAHA!  I felt like we were breaking and entering or something instead of checking on our baby.

Luckily she put her head back down so I was able to get out of the room and close the door, but it was a very close call!  Mark and I had a good laugh about it afterwards, but it would have been a completely different story if she’d seen us.  I need to fix that damn door!


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Em said...

Urm ... Don't you have a video monitor so you DON'T have to the breaking and entering act into the baby's room?

And I hope I don't totally jinx it, but maybe Abbie has given a few nights of good sleep to Sierra. We have had FOUR NIGHTS IN A ROW of 9-10 hours. For the first time EVER!!! I am just giddy with getting full cycles of sleep. (now watch her wake up in an hour ... le sigh).