Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekend in Denver

This weekend we went to Denver for my cousin’s wedding.  It was Abbie’s 3rd round-trip plane ride.  Not bad, considering she’s just over 5 months old and she’s already been in 5 states. (AZ, CA, IL, IA and CO)  She really is a good little traveler.  She’s completely happy watching the world go by and she seems to do a lot better when we’re out and about vs. her being home alone with me all day.  She seems like she gets bored when we’re home all day.  (Bored= crabby)  She did really well on both flights and very well at the wedding (that was TWO hours long!!) and reception.  And she did well all the times we ate out also.  The only time she didn’t do well was at night.  She didn’t sleep well at all in the crib at the hotel and when I’d finally bring her to bed with us, she still didn’t sleep well, which means I didn’t sleep well either.  *sighs*




Sitting with Daddy in the window of our hotel room.  (We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Denver.  REALLY nice! – and expensive…)







Going on one of our strolls.  We were right by 16th Street, which had TONS of shops and restaurants on it.  The hotel let us borrow this stroller from them, which was really nice!





Watching the Veteran's Day parade.  Abbie seemed to enjoy it!






With Grandma and Grandpa.









Her first lemon!  She only wrinkled her nose once, and other than that she seemed to really like it.




Us at the wedding.







Abbie with her cousin’s Cameron and Miles.  (My sister’s kids.)



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