Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My fingers are crossed!

Last week, Mark tried to fly the same ride FIVE times.  He was cancelled 3 times due to jet maintenance (it didn’t work) and 2 times due to weather (too windy).  So that put him behind quite a bit in his training.  My cousin is getting married in Denver this weekend and Mark had requested leave for Friday – Sunday, so we could go to the wedding, and his leave was approved.  Well last Friday they told Mark that his leave would be un-approved if he didn’t fly Monday – Thursday this week to catch up.  The odds of him having 4 successful rides in a row is not all that high, but if it doesn’t happen, Abbie and I are going to Denver by ourselves.  I am really hoping that Mark is able to go with us, not only because I want to spend time with him and dance with him at the wedding, but I’m VERY nervous about flying alone with Abbie.  The flying part doesn’t scare me at all – she does fine on flights.  It’s more the lugging all our junk and the kid around BY MYSELF part that scares me.  How am I going to carry her, her car seat, the diaper bag, a carry on suitcase and our big suitcase by myself?  Mark and I have it down to a science when it’s the two of us traveling with her, but we’ll be playing in a whole new ballpark if it’s just me.  I guess it’ll be good practice for if I decide to come home by myself from Germany while Mark is deployed. (Shudders.)  Anyway, please keep your fingers crossed for us that tomorrow and Thursday’s flights go okay.

I’ve been using livemocha.com to learn German.  I’m only on the 2nd lesson, but I’m slowly but surely picking it up.  I keep calling Abbie my little madchen (girl), mainly bc that’s one of the 10 words I know.  =)  Mark and I really want to learn to speak German, but he has a head start since he studied it in college.

I’m typing this on our new netbook!  We decided to retire my (humungous!!) Dell, for something smaller, lighter and easier to travel with.  This little thing is tiny and I can actually pick it up with one hand, which comes in handy when I’m trying to use the computer and nurse Abbie at the same time.

Oh!  Speaking of Abbie, we’re slowly but surely getting  the napping in her crib thing down.  Previously she’s slept in her swing or sometimes in the playpen or frequently with/on me for her naps, but I figured since we’ll be having relatives around I wanted to her to sleep in her room away from all the noise and commotion.  We started yesterday, and after her screaming for 15 mins both times, she ended up taking two hour and a half naps!  That’s WAYYY longer than she naps when she’s downstairs.  Today, for the morning nap, she went down with no crying at all and slept for an hour.  It took me about a half hour to get her down for her afternoon nap, but she slept for 1.25 hours once I did get her sleep.  And TONIGHT, I laid her down WIDE awake, and she went to sleep on her own with NO crying at all!  If only it was like that every night.  I’m hoping she’s learning that when she’s in bed it’s time to sleep.  I try my hardest not to pick her up when she’s throwing her fits because that just rewards her screaming.  Instead I pat her and talk softly to her and give her her pacifier, and it seems to be working.  I’ve learned that sometimes you just have to let her cry though because she gets more upset occasionally if she sees me and I don’t get her.  She’s getting the hang of it though.  Hopefully our traveling in December won’t mess up the routine too badly.

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