Friday, November 20, 2009

Abbie Rose is half a year old!!

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I cannot believe my baby is already 6 months old.  I was watching “A Baby Story” on TLC today, and I’ll admit, I cried.  It truly seems like just yesterday I was in the hospital meeting her for the first time and now she’s half a year old.  She’s going to be 16 before I know it.

IMG_5361So our little pipper is still wearing size 2 diapers.  She’s in mostly 6 month clothes now, although a few 3-6 month things still fit.  Most of them aren’t long enough for her though.  She’s eaten all the stage 1 baby foods and I’ve also fed her pureed chicken and ham, which she loved.  (Did you know that Canada recommends feeding meats first?)  I’ve fed her two of the stage 2 baby foods and she’s devoured both of them.  I timed the 2nd one and she at the entire 3.5oz container in less than 3 mins.  She’s a good eater.   

IMG_5386She is so interested in everything and anything right now.  Her little hands are CONSTANTLY going and she grabs on to anything within her reach.   She’s a very intense baby.  She’s ALWAYS watching me.  And if I stop whatever I’m doing and look at her, she erupts into laughter.  It’s the cutest thing ever and just melts my heart.  The other day I was at Michael’s looking at beads on the bottom of the display.  I was crouched over next to the cart, and I had her in the seat in the cart.  I looked up at her, and she was leaning over the edge of the cart staring down at me, and when I looked at her she started belly laughing.  I would look back down at the beads, and then back up at her and she would crack up again.  We did that for probably 3 minutes.  (Here she is laughing at me from across the room.)

IMG_5413 Unfortunately she is SUPER attached to me right now.  (Although maybe fortunately for me, because I love the fact that she recognizes me now and that I bring her comfort and security.)  I had friends stop over today and she was in her swing.  My friend Lynn got down on Abbie’s level and Abbie started crying.  So Lynn picked her up and Abbie was pretty upset the whole time and was looking for me.  Oops..  And then Lynn’s husband, Dave, sat down next to her while she was in her bouncer.  He didn’t even touch her, and she started to cry again.  So I have an anti-social kid.  Sometimes if strangers get close to her and look at her when we’re out and about, they’ll try to get her to smile, but she never does and half the time she starts to cry.  You are guilty until proven innocent with her.  Thank GOD she’ll go to Mark without any problem, but his family is coming in the next 2 weeks and I’m a little worried that she might be stand-off-ish to them.

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Her 6 month photo shoot was a bit of a challenge.  All the previous months I could just set the paper with the month and date written on it next to her and take the picture.  That wasn’t happening this month.  As soon as I put the paper near her it was in her little hands and usually in her mouth.  Grr.  But here are a few of my favorites.

IMG_5455 IMG_5475













Happy half birthday, little one.  I sure do love you!

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