Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheese is funny!

I had just taken a bag of shredded mozzerella out of the freezer and I was throwing in on the floor to break it up since it was one solid lump. Apparently Abbie found this highly amusing. =)

Please forgive the shaky-ness of the video. I was trying to record her with one hand, and pick up and drop the cheese with the other hand and I was laughing the whole time so it was hard to keep in steady. Hope you enjoy it!

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Lillie said...

That is the cutest laugh I have ever heard. Other than any other laugh she has. She is a beautiful little girl and looks more like a little girl every day instead of a baby. She is showing her personality and that is so much fun. Don't think I have ever seen a cuter baby. Love you, Lillie

Unknown said...

She is TOO cute - not that I'm not biased or anything! Hope she laughs like that when we see her in just a few weeks! Can't wait!
Love you all lots, Your MOMMER (and Gramma!)