Monday, September 14, 2009

Black and white is best

Mark got us a new lens for our camera for my birthday. It's a 50mm lens, which has a GREAT depth of field, meaning it does a really good job of focusing on the subject you're shooting and blurring the background. We've been playing around with all weekend, mostly taking pictures of our munchkin. We took probably 75+ pictures (which isn't unusual for us in any given weekend), but for some reason I think the black and white photos of Abbie really depict her well. I think the b&w photos make her eyes stand out and catch her many expressions better than color photos do. Here are a few of my favorites, taken by both Mark and me. Enjoy!


Our Jeremiah 29:11 Life said...

Again, these are some great pictures! You have a very adorable little girl :)

Erin said...

She is the most expressive little girl!! I think the last one is my favorite!! Or the second one...or the third one...ahhh! They are all beautiful and so is your baby girl!

Anonymous said...

I so want your camera set up and to squish your little Abbie's cutepie cheeks!